Web Technology

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a set of services that enable your Internet site to be accessed by visitors via the World Wide Web. It’s where your website computer files reside. A service plan includes space on a Web server that is connected to the World Wide Web and points to your domain name, like It often includes the following:

  • Access your web pages for editing,
  • Multiple email accounts like and
  • Reports on traffic statistics
  • Assistance with search engine submission
  • FTP file transfer for downloads
  • Website backups
  • Database setup and programs for dynamic site content
  • Program automation like guest books or chat rooms, and Technical support.

Baird Web Design will select a hosting plan suited to your Web site. Our goal is to find an economical plan that meets your site's needs. Even if you already have a Web hosting agreement you are satisfied with, we can work with your existing provider to access, upgrade and maintain your existing Web site.

Domain Name

Your domain name is your address on the Internet . The domain name consists of two parts:

  1. a unique name: i.e. BairdWebDesign,
  2. a top-level domain category suffix: .com, .org, or .net*

*For a complete listing of the domain name system, visit the WorldWideWeb consortium:

Businesses generally use the .com suffix, and organizations the .org.

Choosing a good name for your site is crucial in reflecting the unique nature of your business. We research available names and work with you to select an appropriate domain name for your new site that is also easy to remember.

If you already own a name, we can easily transfer registration of your existing domain name to your new hosting company.

Web Site Packages

For more information on Web site plan features, visit our section on Web Site Package Plans.